Research Titles

  • Arya Mitra loka -Association of CASP3(rs4647602) Gene polymorphism with generalized periodontitis in South Indians of Tamil ethnicity
  • Tinu George. P- Evaluation of clinical efficacy of bioresorbable xenogenic peritoneal membrane in the management of gingival recession defects-randomized control clinical trial
  • Roshan R. Rughwan-Evaluation of pcsk9 and il-6 levels in serum  and saliva of patients with atheromatous plaque with and without periodontitis.
  • J.Arockia Antony Praveen-Efficacy of two different hydrodynamic sinus lift procedures to atraumatically elevate the sinus floor, at fresh extraction sites with deficient native bone for Immediate Implant Placement -A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
  • Lalli dharmarajan- The effect of laser microgrooved platform switched implants and abutments on hard tissue and soft tissue healing post 1 year loading among non-diabetic and diabetic patients –a prospective clinical trial
  • Vasanthi R. M-A comparative evaluation of two different platelet concentrates for its bone regenerative potential in critical sized rats calvarial defects-A histo-morphometric study
  • Jane Belinda. T-Evaluating the efficacy of Sticky Bone , in Horizontal Ridge Augmentation with and without membrane – a randomised parallel arm clinical trial
  • Aishwaraya V.L-Comparison of the clinical efficacy of connective tissue graft versus chorion membrane using pouch and tunnel technique in smokers with miller’s class i and class ii gingival recession – a randomized controlled clinical trial.
  • N Sowmya Reddy-Comparative evaluation of microrna-155 expression and its effect on osteoclast differentiation, mediated by micropthalmia induced transcription factor (mitf) in periodontal disease and healthy gingival tissues.
  • Deepikha .K. Evaluation Of Xenogenic Collagen Matrix With I-PRF In Treatment Of Gingival Recession Defects: A Randomized Control Clinical Trial.
  • Priyanka .B. A Comparative Evaluation Of Clinical & Radiological Outcomes Of Implants Placed In Augmented & Non Augmented Extraction Sites Using Guided Implant Surgery: A Controlled Clinical Trial.
  • Jeneffar Roselin.C. Evluation Of Cystatin- C Protein & CST 3 Gene Expression In Periodontal Health & Disease: An Observational Study.
  • Sindhura Gadi. Comparison Of Connective Tissue Graft & Platelet Rich Fibrin As Matrices In A Novel Papillary Augmentation Access For Patients With Deficient Inter Dental Papilla Using Microsurgical Approach – A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
  • Swapna Chekurthy. Evaluation Of Clinical Efficacy Of Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin (A-PRF) In The Management Of Gingival Recession Defects: A Prospective Study.
  • Gayathri Varadharajulu. Salivary Levels Of NLRP3 Inflammosome & Superoxide Dismutase 2 In Induviduals With Periodontitis- A Case Control Study.
  • Saranya .B. Role Of Strem-1, Il, 1β & MMP 8 as Salivary Biomarkers in Patients With Periodontitis & Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Role of a novel Andrographolide containing dentifrice and its modulation on clinical and biochemical mediators of inflammation in generalized chronic periodontitis patients – A randomized controlled clinical trial.Dr Annie Arockya Mary.
  • Mineralized Plasmatic matrix in the management of intra bony defects associated with chronic periodontitis. A randomized controlled trial. Dr Eunice Joanna Grace.
  • Comparative evaluation of Endocan and TNF Alpha levels in chronic Periodontitis patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Dr Gayathri.
  • Evaluation of combined efficacy of photodynamic therapy and non surgical periodontal therapy on clinical and microbiological parameters in the management of chronic Periodontitis subjects. Randomized controlled clinical trial. Dr Kanchana S.
  • Comparative evaluation of volumetric bone dimensional changes in extraction sockets preserved with calcium phospho silicate bone substitutes with and without PRF- A RCT. Dr Mohammed Ibrahim.
  • Comparison of a novel dual vestibular incision sub perisoteal acess technique (D-Vista) with a coronally advanced modified tunnel access technique (CAMT) in management of multiple millers class III gingival recession – Randomized Control Clinical Trial. Dr Muthukumar R.
  • Effect of Macro and Microsurgical techniques for root coverage in class I and Class II gingival recession using modified coronally advanced flap combined with connective tissue graft. – A randomized controlled clinical trial. Dr Savithri N.K.
  • Association of Forkhead Box (FOX O1) expression with Interluekin -1 and RANKL levels in chronic peridontitis with diabetes mellitus – An observational study. Dr SeshasayeeS.
  • Association of receptor for advanced glycation end products G82S polymorphism with chronic Periodontitis In ethnic tamilian individuals with and without diabetes – A hospital based study. Dr Sakthi Vino Bala.
  • Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy and Platelet Rich Fibrin in the treatment of intrabony defect – A randomized controlled clinical trial. Dr Devi Bala R.T
  • Evaluation of treatment outcomes following the use of connective tissue graft with and without palatal pre augmentation using collagen sponge in management of gingival recession defects. – A prospective comparative study. Dr Purva Dalmia.
  • Clinical efficacy of Bio active glass in combination with PRF in management of gingival recession defects: A prospective comparative study. Dr Swarupa K.B.
  • Comparison of connective tissue graft and PRF as matrices in a novel papillary augmentation access for patients with deficient interdental papilla – A preliminary randomized controlled clinical trial – Dr Abirami T.
  • Clinical and radiographic outcomes in mandibular furcation defect treatment using Amnion Chorion membrane and de mineralized bone graft – A prospective comparative study. – Dr Vignesh C.
  • Effect of PRF on peri implant buccal bone and soft tissue dimension in immediate implant placement. A prospective case series – Dr Aishwarya T.
  • Comparative microbial assessment of peri implant sulcus and implant abutment interface in LASER microgrooved implants with two different abutment designs flowing functional loading – A case control study. – Dr Sathya R
  • Dr S.R Bharathi
    Effect of Microsurgical Periodontal flap surgery on TGF β in Type 2 diabetic subjects- A randomized controlled clinical trial –Asessment of Treponema Denticola and its influence on expression of NLRC4 in chronic Periodontitis patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus – Dr S. Sumi Priyadharshini.
  • Asessment of Treponema Denticola and its influence on expression of NLRC4 in chronic Periodontitis patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus – Dr S. Sumi Priyadharshini.
  • Evaluation of split finger technique in Papillary reconstruction around  dental implants                         – Dr.Chandana.P
  • Effects of low level laser therapy (LLLT) biostimulation on GCF levels of sclerostin in surgical managent of intra bony defects – Dr Shaik.Sharmila Sufia
  • Comparative analysis of the Red complex organisms and recently identified periodontal pathogens in the sub – gingival plaque of Diabetic & Non – Diabetic patients with severe chronic Periodontitis – Dr Divya. P
  • Estimation of Periostin and Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha in chronic Periodontitis patients with type II Diabetes Mellitus – Dr Radhika B.N.
  • The Effect of platelet rich fibrin and low levellaser therapy associated with simplified papilla preservation flaps in the management of supra alveolar periodontal sefects- A randomized controlled clinical trial –Dr Vijayant Kumar Singh.
  • The effect of early loaded platform switched Morse taper implant – abutment connections on peri- implant hard and soft tissue healing – A CBCT based randomized controlled clinical trial – Dr Chetna Ranka.

1. Dr. Chadini S Nair
Estimation Of Soluble Triggering Receptor Expressed Of 1l-10 In Periodontal Health And Diseases.

2. Dr. Indhu N
Evaluation Of Effect Of Hydroxyapatite Bioactive Glass Composite Graft With Prf Occlusal Membrane On Infrabony Defects, Accessed With Single Flap Approach – Randomized Controlled Trial.

3. Dr. Sathya Priya S
Effect Of Prf In A Tunnel And Pouch Technique In Class 1 Recession Patients With Thin Gingival Biotype.

4. Dr. Vaishnavi S
Association Of Vitamin D Receptors (Vdr) Generic Polymorphism With Severe Chronic Periodontitis In Tamil Speaking South Indian Population.

5. Dr. Swathi Ravi
Clinical Comparison Of Macro And Micro Surgical Procedures For Root Coverage Using Modified Tunnel Technique.

6. Dr. Lakshmi
Comparison Of Treatment Outcome Following The Use Of Modified Mucogingival Flap Technique With Connective Tissue Graft And Xenogenic Collagen Matrix In The Management Of Class 3 Mandibular Gingival Recession Clinical Study.

7. Dr. Dilshi Ishan
Association Of Cd14 Gene Polymorphism In Patients With Chronic Periodontitis.

8. Dr. Ruby Ramya
Effect Of Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy On Total Anti Oxidants/Oxidants Status I Chronic Periodontitis Patients With Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus.

1. Dr. Yoga Murthy
The Short Term Effect Of Low – Level Laser Therapy As An Adjuvant To Non – SurgicalPeriodontal Treatment With Magnification.

2. Dr. Assma
The Effect Of Laser Micro Texture Implant And Debutment O Peri Implant Hard And Soft Tissue A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.

3. Dr. Veejai
Comparative Clinical And Microbiological Assessment Of Peri – Implantitis Sites Following Treatment With Diode Laser And Mechanotherapy.

4. Dr. Dhanangchaayan
Estimation Of Periostin In Gingival Crevicular Fluid In Patients With Chronic Periodontitis Following Low Level Laser Therapy As A Adjunct To The Root Surface Debridement.

5. Dr. Suganthi
Periostin Induced Osteoblast Adhesion And Proliferation On Collagen Matrix An In Vitro Study.

6. Dr. Sneha Parameshwaran
Comparative Evaluation Of Nlrp – 3 And Nlrp – 4, Inflammasomes In Periodontal Health And Disease.

7. Dr. Himani Sharma
GCF levels of human beta defensins 1 and 3 in diabetic and non diabetic patients with chronic Periodontitis.

8. Dr. Ramees Backer
Bio Stimulation With Low Level Laser Therapy As An Adjuvant To Srp In Diabetes Patient – Randomised Split Mouth Control Trial.

1. Dr. Bharath
Comparison Of Clinical Parameters Between Semilunar Coronally Repositioned Flap And Coronally Advanced Flap.

2. Dr. Jasmine
Association Of 1l-10 Genetic Polymorphism With Severe Chronic Periodontitis Patients In South Indian Population.

3. Dr. Justina
Comparative Clinical Study Of Sub Pedicle Lateral Repositioned Flap With Platelet Rich Fibrin And Connective Tissue Graft In Treatment Of Isolated Class I And Class Ii Gingival Recession.

4. Dr. Karthikeyan
Evaluation Of Mucogingival Junction And Gingival Augmentation By Using Partly Epithelized Free Gingival Graft.

5. Dr. Kavitha
Efficacy Of Hyaluronic Acid On Human Intrabony Defects – A Comparative Study.

6. Dr. Priyaarangeeth
Identification Of Putative Periodontal Pathogens In Atheromatous Plaque In Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease And Chronic Periodontitis.

7. Dr. Nithinselvakuma
Osteoblastic Proliferation On Surface Modified Sla Titanium Dental Implants.

8. Dr. Vardhinivijayakumar
Expression Of Cathelicidin Ll – 37 In Chronic Periodontitis Patients With And Without Diabetes Mellitus.

1. Dr. Deepika
Putative Periodontal Pathogens In Persisting Periodontal Pockets Of Endodontic Origin.

2. Dr. Dhathri Priya
Expression Of Gene Polymorphism In N – Acetyl Transferase (Nat-2) In Smokers With Chronic Periodontitis – A Case Control Study.

3. Dr. K. Indhu
Evaluation Of Pentraxin – 3 And Interlukin 1 Beta In Gcf Of Healthy, Gingivitis And Periodontitis Sites Among Diabetic And Non Diabetic Patients.

4. Dr. Mohana Ganesh
Single Flap Approach With And Without Prf As An Adjunct To Treatment Of Intra Bony Defects.

5. Dr. Praveen
Clinical Evaluation Of Root Coverage With Micro Surgical And Macro Surgical Procedures – A Comparative Study.

6. Dr. Priya Lochana
Comparative Evaluation Of The Expression Of Rankl And Cathepsin – K In Gcf Among Smoking And Non Smoking Chronic Periodontitis Patients.

7. Dr. Silviya
Low Level Laser Therapy In The Management Of Intra Bony Periodontal Defects Using Single Flap Approach-Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial.

8. Dr. Umayal
Evaluation Of Il-21 And Il-6 In Gcf Of Chronic Periodontitis Patients With Varying Disease Severity.

1. Dr. Anusha
Isolation Characterisation And Osteogenic Induction Of Human Periodontal Ligament Cells I N Vitro.

2. Dr. Bob Jacob
Tnf Alpha And Il-1 Gene Polymorphism In Gestational Diabetes.

3. Dr. Caroline
Determination Of Aero Tolerance Genes In Periodontal Pathogens In Aac And Pi.

4. Dr. Deepavalli
Estimation Of Cd44 In Patients With Chronic With Or Without Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus.

5. Dr. Sadhana Sree
Assessment Of Red Complex In Post Menopausal Women And Reproductive Age Group With Periodontitis.

6. Dr. Sajid Hussain
Evaluation Of Factors Associated With Gingival Enlargement Among Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment.

7. Dr. Vignesh
Comparison Of Marf And Fgg For Evaluating The Increase In Width Of Attached Gingiva.

1. Dr. Arshad
Levels Of Pro Inflammatory Cytokines In The Gcf Of Gestational Diabetes With Chronic Periodontitis – A- Rt -Pcr Study.

2. Dr. Balasubramanian
Expression Of Red Complex Periodontal Pathogens In Pregnant Women With Gestational Diabetes With Chronic Periodontitis – Rt Pcr Study.

3. Dr. Hameed Fathima
Comparative Evaluation Of Gcf Tnf Alpha Levels Among Obese And Non Obese Women With And Without Chronic Periodontitis.

4. Dr. Himaja
Assessment Of Sensory Dysfunction Of Donor Sites In Connective Tissue Graft And Gingival Graft – A Clinical Study.

5. Dr. Nizar
Assessment Of Periodonto Pathogens In Down’s Syndrome And Normal Subjects A Comaparative Study.

6. Dr. Kalaivani
Comparative Study Of Interlukin 6 In Periodontitis Patients With And Without Diabetes Mellitus.

7. Dr. Srinath
Retracing Capacity Of Pathologically Migrated Upper Anterior Teeth After Surgical Intervention.

8. Dr. Vinoth
Morphometric Analysis Of Furcation Anatomy Of Maxillary And Mandibular First Molars In South Indian Population.

1. Dr. Navya M
Estimation Of Pge2 Levels In Gingival Crevicular Fluid Of Women Using Oral Contraceptives With And Without Chronic Periodontitis.

2. Dr. Pradeep Reddy
Estimation Of Interlukin – 11 Levels In Women With And Without Periodontitis.

3. Dr. Praneeth
Assessment Of Mmp8 And Mmp6 In Gcf Of Smokers And Non Smokers With Gcp.

4. Dr. Priyanka Cholan
Assessment Of Leptin Levels In Obese And Non Obese Individuals With And Without Chronic Periodontitis.

5. Dr. Vishali
Estimation Of Hydroxyproline Levels In Gingiva And Gcf In Patients With And WithoutChronic Periodontitis.

1. Dr. C. S. Anand Mohan
Evaluation Of Total Antioxidants In Smokers And Non Smokers With Periodontitis

2. Dr. Anie Mary Paul
Role Of Interlukin -8 In Periodontal Disease.

3. Dr. Paavai
Evaluation Of Toll Like Receptors 2 And 4 In Chronic Periodontitis.

4. Dr. Roopavathy
Crestal Bone Loss A Comparative Study Among Men And Women In One Stage Dental Implants.

5. Dr.Venkat Suba Reddy
Chair Side Analysis Of Red Complex Organisms In Pregnant Women Using Bana.

1. Dr. Santhosh
Periodontal Pathogens In Arterosclerotic Plaque In Coronary Heart Disease Of Patients Undergoing Bye-Pass Surgery Rtpcr Study.

2. Dr. Sowmya
Estimation Of Salivary Peroxidise Level In GCF.

3. Dr. Vineela
Comparative Evaluation Of Clinical And Aesthetic Outcome Following The Use Of Fgg For Treatment Of Gingival Recessions –Cyano Acrylate Vs Suturing.

4. Dr. Sameena
Periodontal Assessment In Pre And Post Menopausal Women With Gcp And Osteoporosis.

5. Dr. Sangeetha
Estimation Of C Reactive Protein In GCF.

1. Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan
Prevalence Of Bana Hydrolyzing Periodontopathic Bacteria And Its Clinical Correlation With Probing Depth And Papillary Bleeding Score In Smokers And Non Smokers With Chronic Periodontitis.

2. Dr. C.S. Krishnan
Assessment Of Oral Hygiene Status And Periodontal Health In Mentally Challenged And Down Syndrome Individuals.

3. Dr.Naga Sai Sugai
Periodontal Status In Orthodontic Patients A Clinical And Micro Biological Study Using Bana

4. Dr.Sree Kranth
Periodontitis , A Risk Factor For Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes.

5. Dr.N .Sunil Kumar
Assessment Of Blood Glucose Using Gcf Blood In Diabetic Patients A Chair Side Method .